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Chloe Marcie Large Zipped Tote

Traditionally, Spring/Summer is the season of bold, vivacious colours. But nowadays, the colours in relation to the seasons are not as predictable as before. We see jewel tones for Fall/Winter too, as opposed to earthy and monochromatic colours, which would be typically classified as Fall/Winter colours. And this applies to the trends for this Spring/Summer 2011 season, which is rather contradictory if you ask me. It's as if no one can make up their minds in relation to colour palettes for the season: on one end of the colour spectrum we have vibrant flourescent colours that we colour block with, and on the opposite end, "white out" seems to be the trend and white is all "white hot" again. Can you say multiple personality disorder?

With white "in vogue" this season, we all know that white is quite a difficult colour to pull off, especially so an all white ensemble (which seems to be on many designer RTW collections when you don't have the body type for it. And let's face it, how many of us have statuesque model-typed physiques? Let's not kid ourselves. But if the clothes don't always fit (and they never will unless you're a supermodel), so why not opt for a bag instead? Yes, a white one! True, it might stain and/or dirty easily and yellows with time (dependent on your climate), but it's sure as hell better than looking like the Michelin man in an all-white ensemble!

To be specific, the Chloe "Marcie" tote in Porcelain is perfect if you want to be ON TREND in the white department. I must admit that though I have always favoured the Paraty over the Marcie, which I initially found a little too saddle-esque, it's is starting to grow on me, and I actually prefer this over the Paraty now. It's simple, and chic, and perfect if you want that whole minimalist look, epecially in White! Available for via € 912.50 at Luisa via Roma