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Labels , , , Newsflash: The Original Birkin now Up for Auction on eBay!

Newsflash: The Original Birkin now Up for Auction on eBay!

Jane Birkin's Birkin decorated with stickers and worry beads
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Jane Birkin with a signed Birkin
Image source: unknown

Jane Birkin, the woman whom the Birkin was designed for and originally named after, is auctioning off her signed Birkin on eBay. According to Michael Tonnello's book, "Bringing Home the Birkin", Jane Birkin was sitting next to the then Head of Hermes John-Louis Dumas. After witnessing Birkin spill the contents of her bag when it toppled, Dumas offered Birkin a bespoke bag that would suit all her travel needs -- a bag that would not expose and empty out its contents when it falls over. And so the iconic Birkin was born.

Her black Birkin is adorned with worry beads and given a personalised touch with stickers, is certainly a Birkin like no other. Sure, it may be a little bit battered and worn, but it sure adds character to the bag! Plus, it its owner is its namesake after all, and winning the bid would be akin to owning a piece of bag history! Start bidding now! 100% of all proceeds going to the Red Cross for Japan's relief fund!