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Labels , , , Lookie-Likey: Elisa Ghisellini vs. Celine

Lookie-Likey: Elisa Ghisellini vs. Celine

Check out this grainy lambskin Nappa shopper tote by Elena Ghisellini (€ 357.50) via Luisa via Roma

And... the Celine Bi-toned Python Cabas.

Retail Price: RM8,800

Notice any similarities between the two? They might not pass as identical twins, but they certainly can be considered as fraternal twins in terms of look and style, don't you think?

But I guess the Elena Ghisellini tote is a much more affordable alternative to the Celine bi-toned Cabas (which also comes in leather), especially if you're on a budget. Two very similar totes, but two very different price points.

Image via Luisa via Roma

Celine Python Bi-Toned Cabas image courtesy of Celine