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Labels , , Cambridge Satchel Company vs. Kate Spade

Cambridge Satchel Company vs. Kate Spade

The satchels and batchels by The Cambridge Satchel Company has lately become all the rage amongst fashionistas everywhere and has been spotted in Marie Claire, Elle, Vogue, Grazia and Cosmopolitan, and has the fashion twitterati raving.

What initially began as a bag with practicality and functionality in mind (ie. as a school bag) is now considered as a fashionable bag, thanks to the satchel bug that's been going around these past 2 years. And what's more, it's immensely affordable too! It isn't available in Malaysia, but Singapore-based e-tailer Doorstep Luxury began taking Pre-Orders recently via their Facebook Page for these satchels and batchels.

My favourites are these 2-toned batchels -- I am particularly fond of the first one in green with navy details! I am seriously considering getting this one, but the only downside is at 14" in length, it's rather too large. If only they made a 12" version, and all will be Perfecto!

2- toned Batchels - 14" & 15" Price: £133
*Please click on image to enlarge*

Solid coloured Batchels 14" & 15" Price: £93
*Please click on image to enlarge*

Solid Coloured Batchels - 14" & 15" Price: £93
*Please click on image to enlarge*


nd if you're not a fan of the batchels, the satchels come in 4 different sizes: 11", 13", 14" and 15"

14" Satchels Price: £81
*Please click on image to enlarge*

Oh and did I mention, if you order via the Cambridge Satchel Company Website, you can emboss your initials for FREE!!

And, as featured in American Vogue's December 2011 issue, Kate Spade also has something similar (but not in as many colours and sizes as those from the Cambridge Satchel Company).

Kate Spade "Essex Scout" in Citronella (also available in Hot Pink, Bone, and Orange)
Available for $395 via Kate Spade.

I still love the 2-toned batchel best! Plus it's more affordable anyway! Which do YOU prefer??

Images via Cambridge Satchel Company and Kate Spade Online.