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Paris Fashion Week: Hermes Fall/Winter 2011

The Verdict: Christophe Lemaire replaces Jean Paul Gaultier as Creative Director this season, and this is certainly evident in Hermes's Fall/Winter 2011 collection. While with JPG we saw Kellys, Birkins, and myriad variations of those that came down the runway. With Lemaire this season, we saw none of those icons that have been synonymous with the luxury label. What came down the runway this season were Hermes bags that exuded a very different vibe, and rather masculine-looking, in my opinion: travel-typed leather duffle bags/holdalls; flap bags that look either like man clutches and briefcases, or vintage-esque bags that gesture the Second World War era. Whilst certainly classic, these bags are a tad too plain and boring for my liking. Perhaps the only one I like is the bi-toned clutch with tassels (see last photo).

Images via Style