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Labels , , New Lustworthy Celine Luggage Totes for Spring/Summer 2011

New Lustworthy Celine Luggage Totes for Spring/Summer 2011

Phoebe Philo's introduction of the Luggage Tote to Celine's line of bags is similar to Michael Kors's line of Boogie bags -- it catapulted the brand back on track onto the fashion radar. Never have I spotted so many Celine Luggage totes on the arms of so many fashion editors during Fashion Week season.

For this Spring/Summer 2011, the Luggage tote family has expanded - well, in terms of size. Previously available in only 2 sizes (Medium and Shopper), 3 additional sizes have been added to the line: Nano, Micro, and Mini. I prefer it best in the Mini (yes, it may sound small, but it's bigger than both the Nano and the Micro).

Here are my favourite Luggage totes from Celine's S/S 2011:

Leopard Jute Shopper Luggage Tote: RM 6,300

This is perfect if you love animal prints and a cheaper alternative to leopard-printed pony/calfhair.

Shrunken Lambskin Shopper Luggage Tote: RM 7,700
The colour combo - classic, chic and understated. Need I say more?

Images courtesy of Celine