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Labels , , Marc Jacobs Special Item: Rubix Wallet

Marc Jacobs Special Item: Rubix Wallet

Those of you out there who are on a budget will love what I have in store for you. Today's Bargain of the Week is under the Marc by Marc Jacobs's Special Items (in other words, it is codespeak for affordable) category. Presenting, the Rubix Long Wallet...

The Rubix Long wallet is made of PVC (with a leather lining) and is available in 3 colours: Black Tonal, Black/White, and White Tonal. My favourite pick? The Black/White combo of course! Available at a steal for an unbelievable price -- $38!

If long wallets don't tickle your fancy, the Rubix design also comes in a zip-around square wallet (for $29) and a billfold-type wallet, which is more for the fashionable guy.

Check your nearest Marc by Marc Jacobs store for availability, or get it directly from the Marc Jacobs online store

Images via Marc Jacobs