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Labels , , Hermes Injects Vibrant Colours into Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Hermes Injects Vibrant Colours into Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Hermes is always known for their minimalism and classic sophistication, so you can imagine how surprised I was when I saw the Jige Elan 29 clutches! I'm a firm supporter of colourful bags, and if you ask any of my friends or any of my long-serving SAs at the designer boutiques, they'd probably tell you that I stray away from black. My friends who are reading this are probably nodding their heads in agreement at this point, because I have never bought a black bag. EVER. Purples, blues, quirky bags, animal prints? Definitely. Black? Camel? Earthy tones? Zilch. Nada. The only black bag I have right now, was something that mum bought for herself and decided that it was too heavy and therefore passed it down to yours truly. Well you probably get the point I'm trying to put across now anyway. Lol.

Anyway, I digress. These Jige Clutches (I thought they were wallets at first!) are available in either Milo Lambskin or Mysore goatskin with Lizard trimmings and details, Hermes injects youth into their Spring/Summer 2011 collection! With the fruity shades that they come in, these Jige clutches look good enough to eat! Inject a burst of flavour ... erm I mean, colour... to your bag closet with one of these! I want the one in yellow and blue! These babies will be available in KL at the end of February 2011. Prices are available upon request.

Image courtesy of Hermes