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Valentino's Double Handle Bow Bag

Besides the rosette, the bow detail is another distinctive characteristic of any Valentino bag, and ever since its introduction into the house of Valentino, it has been incorporated and imaginatively interpreted in myriad of ways. And if you have been a devoted reader of this blog, you'd know that this bag incorporates 2 of my most favourite things/elements: the bow detail is one of them, and of course, pink! When these 2 are fused together, how could I not LOVE this bag? The design and construction screams feminine and flirtatious, and is just SO ME! However, the downside is that it's made of high-gloss patent leather (can you say fingerprint magnet?!?) which, unfortunately, doesn't work too well in our weather, as it patent tends to crack or become sticky due to the humidity, and in Facebook terms, I *dislike*.

Also available in Red, this Valentino beauty retails for $1,295 via Neiman Marcus