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New From Chloe for Resort 2011

Chloe also jumps on the satchel bandwagon, as Hannah MacGibbon introduces a satchel to the Cruise 2011 collection: the Billie Messenger Bag

Retail price: $1,560 via Saks

Next up, one of my favourite Chloe bags ever, the Paraty.

The Paraty is still a bag that is on my wishlist. In fact it was a tough decision between the Paraty and the Balenciaga City GH in Anthracite, but in the end, Balenciaga won because I have a feeling that it will be more timeless than the Paraty, which I feel, lacks "staying power" (like the "Bay", the "Silverado" and the "Paddington").

But could I be wrong? Could the Paraty become a Chloe classic or icon? One of the tell-tale signs is that classics (from any designer) never go on sale, and despite Chloe's closing down sale in KL, the Paraty and the Marcie remain non-sale items. In addition, the Paraty does not seem to be anywhere near its expiration date: the new Cruise 2011 collection features a new variant of the Paraty, one that is in perforated leather (shown above).

Well I guess only time will determine the "staying power" of the Paraty so we'll just have to sit back and watch what happens! But "staying power" aside, the Paraty remains one of my all-time favourite bags!

Perforated Paraty can be Pre-Ordered via Saks for $1,875