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Labels , , Of Zippers and Alexander Wang...

Of Zippers and Alexander Wang...

Alexander Wang set the fashion world ablaze with the Rocco. Now, he seems to have moved on from the studded details on the Rocco, to zipper details. Cue in the Trudy Zip-Around tote.

While the Rocco was (and still is!) relevant, undeniably fashion-forward and edgy, the Trudy is rather boring. Nothing special, nothing we haven't really seen before. While I have seen dozens of counterfeit Wang Roccos to Rocco-inspired bags out there, I don't think that anyone will be clamouring over this bag. The snooze factor doesn't even make this bag counterfeit-worthy methinks. At $875 (via Bergdorfs), who cares if this is the latest (You'll have to Pre-Order this baby if you want it)? Even though the Rocco weighs a tonne, I'd pick that over the Trudy any day.