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Miu Miu Linen Baby Coffer

Let's just say I'm not a fan when it comes to linen -- it's scratchy, and creases really easily. Well, yes, I'm speaking about clothes. But when it comes to linen as a material being used for a handbag... let's just take a look at the photo, shall we? Firstly, the quilting looks as if it's coming undone. Perhaps some might say that the indistinct quilting lines on this bag gives it a unique character, but for me, it's unacceptable. Secondly, the frayed details looks as if a dog (or alternatively, you could insert a more vicious animal here if you so wish) was gnawing at it. I'm sorry but I wouldn't be caught dead carrying this bag, because it looks like something the cat dragged in.

Pre-Order via Bergdorfs for $1,250