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Hermes Etriviere

I hardly ever blog about Men's bags, in fact, I think I probably only ever blogged about one since I started this blog, so guys, you're in for a treat, because today, I bring you the new Man Bag from Hermes.

The uniqueness of the canvas Etriviere lies in the belt-like leather strap, and as you might already have noticed, since the holes are already punched in, it's easily adjustable to your desired length for versatility. Although it's under Hermes's men's line, I personally feel that this bag has a unisex appeal, and could work as a document bag for the office, or even as an uber-luxe grocery shopping bag. However you wish to use this bag, it's definitely simple, sophisticated and minimalist. In short, it's the epitome of an understated bag, and therefore, definitely not for the logomaniacs out there.

Available in Hermes Orange and Navy (shown above). Retails for RM6000++ at Hermes but only RM5000++ if you purchase it from Hong Kong.