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Labels , , , , , Paris Fashion Week: Valentino Spring/Summer 2011

Paris Fashion Week: Valentino Spring/Summer 2011

The Verdict: I have to say that I truly am lamenting the loss of bow and rosette details on the Valentino runways for Spring/Summer 2011. The 2 design details that have become synonymous with the brand was nowhere to be seen. Instead, in their place, we have the square stud details that we see on this year's Fall/Winter 2010 shoes. Apart from the medium-sized studded tote (with studs on the handles, they're not likely to be comfortable especially if you hold it in the palm of your hand) The designers at the house of Valentino have also taken the small bag route for Spring, particularly in the form of shoulder bags cum clutches, and small satchel-esque bags.

In sum, for Valentino, it's too 'blah' and plain -- something that I'm not exactly accustomed to seeing and associating with the brand -- not to mention, something, which I feel, is completely out of character for the brand.

I. Want. Those. Bows. and. Rossettes. back!! It feels wrong without them! =(