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Paris Fashion Week: Chanel Spring/Summer 2011

The Verdict: It seems to be more of the same for Chanel, especially in terms of the Classic Flap - same tweed style with different embellishments, and in Spring/Summer's latest new prints and a play of textures with the patchwork motifs. Perhaps the only thing that the Fashion Fuhrer Karl Lagerfeld had breathed new life into, is the quilted 2.55, minus the chain straps, but.... with a rollover top (a Chanel 'lunchbag' anyone?); as well as the "bag on bag" concept which Marc Jacobs had already done about... 2-3 years ago?

In sum, I love the whole monochromatic garden setting as the backdrop for Chanel's S/S 2011 presentation. In terms of styling, the clothes and the bags were, more often than not, too matchy-matchy, with the bags blending into the clothes, in terms of both colour as well as prints. Apart from the new variant of the 2.55 with the rollover top, it was really a case of "same old, same old" on the Chanel runways for Spring/Summer 2011.