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Sang A "Mini Pop" Python Tote

I've never really been a fan of Sang A bags, but this one really stopped me in my tracks. It's no wonder this tote is called the "Mini Pop" - it pops in all the right places! For a dyed python bag, the colour combo (blue and metallic gold) is gorgeous and anything but tacky; the shape is unique and dependent on how much stuff you put in your bag; and the elongated zipper strap is genius! I'm usually very particular when it comes to the motifs and joints, and usually put off when the pattern doesn't connect to give the bags a seamless look. But, despite the obvious break in the python pattern due to it being made by 3 panels of python, Everything about the bag just works! Although I suppose the only downside is that you have to be careful when if you're wearing this bag on the shoulder because the zipper strap might snag your clothing. Too bad this tote cannot be shipped outside of the US. Boohoo. Available for $1,995 via Kirna Zabete