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MJ Does Nylon for Fall

When it was first introduced, the Stam was an IT bag. It has since moved on from its IT bag days to become one of the Marc Jacobs staples. Call it timeless, classic, or iconic, the Stam is still a covet-worthy bag. In fact, I know of a few friends who are dying to get their hands on a Stam. And with that, I bring good news. For those of you who always wanted a Stam but felt it slightly out of your budget, you'd definitely be looking forward to MJ's Fall collection, where a more affordable entry-level Stam in Quilted Nylon will be available. Oh and the good news is because it's in nylon, it'll probably be much lighter than the Stam in leather! ;)

Call the Marc Jacobs boutique @ Suria KLCC at 03-21712812 for further enquiries.

Image via Bergdorf Goodman