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Labels , , , Love It or Hate It: Prada Straw Tote

Love It or Hate It: Prada Straw Tote

Oh. My. Goodness. What is wrong with Prada this year?? First the transparent bags, and now this. Was Miuccia looking for a way to get rid of her fabric remnants? If so, couldn't have it been done in a LESS distasteful way? I mean, if it was by Betsey Johnson, or Anna Sui, it's sort of understandable but..... Prada? She should've been ashamed to even put the Prada plaque on this piece. I wouldn't be caught dead in something like this. In fact, I'd rather be seen with Little Red Riding Hood's basket instead of this..... thing. And, for £620 a pop? Insane, that's what this is.

Image via Prada's Official Wesbite