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Let Me Show You Some Kate Spade Love...

So Kate Spade isn't uber-designer, and her designs are looking quite Lanvin-esque nowadays, especially with all the grosgrain bow details. But, every once in a while, I DO find something that tickles my fancy from Kate Spade. And today happens to be one of those occasions.

Feminine, chic, classy, and sophisticated, and according to the official Kate Spade website, this Bows Art MaryAnne (in Lizard-embossed leather) is one of their favourite pieces for Fall/Winter 2010. With the grosgrain bow detail and the chain link strap, it definitely channels Lanvin and Chanel. But who cares? It doesn't at all look like those obviously designer inspired pieces. I'd say Kate Spade made a calculated decision when designing this bag, and the result definitely paid off. And at $695 a pop, I'd definitely get one. Hopefully the Kate Spade buyers will bring this style into Malaysia.

Available via Kate Spade