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YSL Looking a little Cocoon-esque

I've always sort of liked the YSL Easy Bag in crackled patent leather, especially in a colour that pops, plus, it's also travel- and airplane-friendly. The Easy bag is one of those bags that may be considered as a unisex bag - I've seen lots of men with them, and it looks good on them. But, I don't think I can say much about this nylon version of the Easy bag as firstly, because of its "puffiness", reminds me of the Chanel Cocoon (and that is definitely not a good thing), and secondly, the workmanship ain't all that great - just check out those creases on the "Y"! I understand the Stefano Pilati's efforts towards making the brand more affordable (it retails at $995 a pop) and therefore accessible (hence the nylon) -- I mean, first with the nylon version of the "Muse" and now the "Easy", what other reason could there be for the brand's sudden venture into nylon, which is previously unchartered territory for the brand?

Available via Saks