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Labels , , Yummy Elsa Clutch by Derek Lam

Yummy Elsa Clutch by Derek Lam

Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that I'm not much of a clutch person, unless I'm in a social situation that calls for it (read: formal evening events). Well, the simple reason is because I need a roomy bag in which I can chuck all my junk, and secondly, because I have the tendency to leave things like wallets, and even my shopping carriers somewhere, and only remember about it when I get home or something, by which it will be too late. So yes, hence the no clutch rule, no matter how well it might go with my outfit, and no matter how cute it is.

This Derek Lam Elsa clutch however, is too high up the cute scale and I, the-girl-who-tends-to-leav-her-stuff --somewhere-and-forget-about-it-til-it's-too-late is actually thinking of getting this bag. I just love the tassled asymmetrical zipper and not to mention the turquoise just pops. And at $790, it's quite affordable for a Derek Lam piece. Maybe, just maybe, I'll give in and actually get myself a day clutch... Hmm...

Available via Saks