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Chloe Paraty in Metallic Midnight Blue

Ever since its introduction last year, Chloé's Paraty has always been on my "covet-worthy" list.
But then again, everytime I pop into the boutique and pick it up, it just feels too heavy. I know some people would disagree with me, and are more than willing to suffer for the sake of fashion, but I really don't see the logic in what feels like one is lugging a safe around, and that's when the bag is empty. Imagine how much heavier it will feel with your stuff in it? Ok, this post isn't supposed to be about me ranting, because I've always adored this bag (and still do). Apart from the black python version, I am in love with this calfskin Paraty (Medium size) in Midnight Blue. The colour is just so rich and unusual, that I just might pop into the Chloe boutique again and pray that the bag isn't as heavy as I remembered (yes, one can dream, huh?), which would then translate into a Paraty purchase for me.

Available for $1895 via Saks (btw, this is sold out at Net-a-Porter). Also available in camel and salmon - the salmon's cute too, but this unusual shade of Midnight blue is my favourite pick.