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Labels , , Jimmy Choo Daphne Leopard and Neon Clutch

Jimmy Choo Daphne Leopard and Neon Clutch

Interior view

Here's yet another way to jazz up your regular animal prints. With a nappa leather neon yellow top, this leopard-printed pony hair bag pops in all the right places, and is perfect for both day and night use. Not only is this clutch fun, it is also boasts a unique closure. Unlike most clutches which have either kiss-lock, flap-top or foldover top closures, this clutch has a sliding closure (see pic above). How else can I describe it? Well, just think of the top as a gift box (minus the bow) - pull the lid to open and push it downwards to close. And that's exactly how this clutch works. Although I personally love the colour combo, this bag is definitely fashion over function: it is rather narrow, almost like a slightly oversized card case. But then again, I'm a person who likes to throw anything and everything into my bag, so perhaps I find the size and width an issue. For those of you who are "light travellers" this would be the bag for you. ;) Available via Saks for $1495