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NY Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs F/W 2010

The Verdict: Marc Jacobs seems to be playing with a classic Fall-typed palette that is full of earthy tones, greys and blacks. What's more, exotics seem to be here to stay, judging from not only MJ's incorporation of the usual suspects like Croc and Ostrich, but also the use of rabbit/bunny fur as well. Croc, Python, Pony Hair, and Ostrich, I can handle, but I still think that bunnies are too cutesy to be slaughtered for their fur. That aside, this F/W 2010 collection is possibly too furry for my liking. Perhaps this furry trend sported on the MJ runways for this upcoming F/W season was inspired by the racoon tails ala Davy Crockett that he did for Vuitton's S/S 2010 collection? The non-furry bags are just a tad boring and isn't really anything new or innovative in terms of design. In short, we've seen it before whether on the designer runways or at your regular department stores. This collection is not like the innovative and fashion forward MJ we've grown used to.

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