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Labels , , Striped Chanel Bag from Cruise 2010

Striped Chanel Bag from Cruise 2010

Everyone knows that unless you have LOTS of dough to toss around, the only Chanel bag one should ever consider buying would be the iconic 2.55 or other similar pieces from their classic collection: in short, investment pieces that remain timeless. But then again, I've never been a fan of the 2.55 or any of Chanel's classic pieces for that matter, because I think they look rather dated and and yes, I know that many young girls are carrying around 2.55s these days, but I still think that they look rather mature, and honest to God, rather pretentious. However, although I don't really fancy Chanel's Classic collection, I somehow never fail to find a piece from their Cruise Collection that catches my eye. Perhaps because I prefer bright colours and funky, more playful (hence youthful) designs, and Chanel's Cruise collections always epitomises these factors. Whatever it is, I'm loving this striped tote from Cruise 2010, which you've already probably noticed at Chanel stores.

Retails for RM8650 (small) and RM9640 (Large) at Chanel Boutique, KLCC. Available in Red, Black and Green.
Image from Chanel