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Labels , , , Love It or Hate It: D&G Denim Shoulder Bag

Love It or Hate It: D&G Denim Shoulder Bag

When I first saw this bag from D&G's Spring/Summer collection for 2010, I couldn't decide whether this was a Hobo bag or a waistpouch - only upon reading the descriptions of the bag did i know it was a hobo bag that is meant for the shoulder and not the waist. Firstly, this bag would work much better as a waistpouch than a shoulder bag, simply because the zippers (when carried on the shoulder) would be facing the bottom. Without any top zippers it's majorly inconvenient when you want to retrieve stuff from the bag. So in terms of design - epic failure! Secondly, the whole ripped/distressed denim look is so over! In fact, the denim looks as if it's been eaten away by parasites.

Perhaps the only person I can just about imagine carrying or using this bag is a carpenter/workman to carry his tools in around his waist. Just remove the tassels and the workman wouldn't at all feel out of place with this bag as a toolbelt/waistpouch.

However, if you disagree with me, you can Pre-Order this Distressed Denim Hobo by D&G via Luisa via Roma for € 411.67. Item will be shipped by 31st March 2010.