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I have collaborated with Coach and we are giving away 2 items from the Legacy Collection! Everyone who enters gets a gift! Click Here to Win the GRAND PRIZE!
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Labels , , Limited Edition Coach Poppy-Chan bags Available This Month in Malaysia!

Limited Edition Coach Poppy-Chan bags Available This Month in Malaysia!

So I've never been a Coach fan. But for someone who's still a kid at heart and is drawn to cutesy cartoony prints and items, I was disappointed when Coach's Cherry-Chan bag from the Poppy collection that was launched in F/W last year wasn't available anywhere in the world except in Japan. Yup, this bag was produced exclusively for Japan and you couldn't get this bag anywhere else, not even in the USA. But, that all changes THIS YEAR. Why's that? Well, because a very reliable source at Coach has revealed that it these Poppy-Chan bags will be available in Malaysia. Their shipment is expected to arrive no later than the end of January! Limited pieces are available so you better be quick if you wanna get your hands on one!!



Inspired by Japanese Anime, These Poppy-chan bags (in Japanese, "chan" means Miss or is used to refer to a girl) come in 5 (or perhaps 6 if I'm not mistaken) different designs and characters. The "name" of the character corresponds to their colour - Poppy-chan (Red), Lemon-Chan (Yellow), and yeah, you get the drift.

(Photo credits to members of The Purse Forum - Greenone and Justinsgirl)