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Cruise in Marc Jacobs's Tropical Rainforest

This Marc Jacobs bag from his 2010 Cruise Collection is the perfect way to kick start the year: A shiny bag (thanks to the sequins) for a spanking new year! ;) Lol.

Though I've had my reservations with regards to MJ and his tastes (see my other Marc Jacobs posts here), he hits the right note with this sequinned Tropical Bird tote, though I really can't say much about his other designs for his Tropical Rainforest & Bird-themed Cruise Collection.
Anyhoo, MJ gets this "Chappy" bird tote right - the bird is able to stand out (as it should) against the black nylon background. Oh, and I just love the grosgrain ribbon sides! But don't be fooled, although it's nylon, at $1,450, it's slightly on pricey side. Available via Saks