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Labels 5 Types of Bags that Every Girl Needs

5 Types of Bags that Every Girl Needs

Build your dream team in your wardrobe!
Yes! Our diverse lifestyle could no longer have a bag made for all occasions!
An ideal dream team consists of:
  1. A daily working bag - Must accommodate your job scope. No point having a small bag in one hand and files on the other.

  2. Socialising bag - These bags can follow you to shop, dine, drink, movies, date etc.

  3. Gym bag or maternity bag - That requires the lowest maintenance possible. Trust us; you will not want to spend more time cleaning these bags than living your lifestyle.

  4. Fun bag - Something colorful and brightens up your mood every time you bring it out. Good for the weekend and during picnic days!

  5. Evening Bag - From a wedding dinner to celebrating the launching of a new product, chances are its going to be a blink event!
These bags should be a great guideline for building up your dream team! Ultimately it is all about complementing you every time you step out of your door!
Article Source: MyBagSpa

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