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I have collaborated with Coach and we are giving away 2 items from the Legacy Collection! Everyone who enters gets a gift! Click Here to Win the GRAND PRIZE!
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Coach Kristin Tote

I've never been a fan of Coach, perhaps because they're just everywhere (along with LV and Gucci), and oh, so common, especially in a country like Malaysia. Coach usually has what may be perceived as a signature or distinctive look, with certain telltale signs, even without the "C" signature monogram emblazoned on the bags. But, being a good sport, I tagged along with a friend of mine anyway, because she wanted to check out the Coach store because they're currently on sale at the moment in Malaysia. Plus, she really needed a work bag that wouldn't break the bank. Anyhoo,When I saw this Kristin shoulder bag amongst the sea of typical Coach bags, I had to do not a double, but a triple take because it isn't what I would imagine as a Coach-typed design. Miu Miu? Maybe. Chloe? Perhaps. But Coach? most definitely not. But my eyes certainly weren't playing tricks on me. Not only was I caught off-guard, but I was also pleasantly surprised. And for a leather bag at just $598, it's totally a steal! (Sorry I don't have the price in RM because I was too surprised that Coach could turn out such a beauty!) Available in either Brown, Black, Coral and Green (as shown above) via Coach

Note: I'm not sure if the Malaysian Coach boutiques carry all the colours, but I definitely saw the black one in stores.