Bargain of the Week! - X'mas Edition #2
18 December 2009

Bargain of the Week! – X’mas Edition #2

Christmas is just a week away, and here’s one of the many reasons (and ways) to brighten (by this, I actually mean “bling”) up the festivities. This week’s Christmas Edition Bargain of the Week definitely epitomises the joyous spirit. I especially love the snowflake keyfob ($48). I know that most of you might be thinking that these Coach keyfobs are purely seasonal items that probably have a lifespan of 12 days, since there are only 12 days of Christmas, but now’s not the time to dampen the spirit of the season by thinking like Ebenezer Scrooge, with X’mas only just a week away. With all the crystals on them, and priced just at $38 for the penguin and $48 for the snowflake, it’s definitely a steal, not to mention, perfect stocking stuffers too!

Available at all Coach stores worldwide or via Coach