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Labels , Video: Anya Hindmarch On Childhood, Life and Designing

Video: Anya Hindmarch On Childhood, Life and Designing

Hello lovelies,

I'm a HUGE fan of Anya Hindmarch, ever since her boutique first opened in Malaysia a few years ago (5, maybe?). A tad sad that she doesn't do Prints anymore, but nonetheless her other non-printed bags from her "Main Line" just exudes charm and sophistication, not to mention a touch of class and stylishness. I can't quite put my finger on what it is that but even an unassuming, ordinary looking Anya bag on the shelves just transforms you into a style maven when you wear it!

Although I can't embed the video here, because there isn't an embed code available for this one. Since I can't embed the video, what I CAN do is to give you a link to the video where Anya talks about her life, childhood, and design process.

Click Here for Net-a-Porter's exclusive video on the designer.