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Love It or Hate It!

Hello my fellow BagAddicts, I present to you... *drumroll* the Bagpipe bag, or at least, that's what it looks like to me (though a little smaller). Lol. Carmina Campus's "Momo Shoulder Bag", is dare I say, aptly named, for "Momo" in Cantonese means "furry". Perhaps this wasn't at at all the designer's intention naming the bag "Momo" or "furry" - because I'm assuming that she definitely wasn't at all aware of the connotations of "Momo" in Cantonese - but those knotted protruding bits (yes I mean the bits that look like they belong on the back of a hedgehog) just gives me the creeps. Certainly a futile attempt at channeling the whole Ethnic vibe.

However, if you DO like this bag, this is only piece left in stock for € 357.50 via LuisaviaRoma.