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Labels , , , Is It a Pucci? Or is it a Peretti for Tiff & Co?

Is It a Pucci? Or is it a Peretti for Tiff & Co?

The first thing that struck me when I saw this "Bean" Clutch by Pucci is that it really resembles Elsa Peretti's "Bean" collection for Tiffany & Co. I'm very much a die-hard Tiffany & Co. fan, and have an ever-expanding Tiffany & Co. collection, but I didn't really like Peretti's Bean. This Pucci "Bean" clutch is also available in Gold, so whether your Tiff & Co. bean is in silver or gold, you can definitely get a clutch to match your jewellery. ;) If I'm not mistaken, Elsa Peretti also has the same bean clutch in 925 sterling silver. However, I digress. This post is supposed to be about Pucci, after all. Anyway, in comparison to Peretti's "Bean" clutch which is symmetrical on both ends, this Pucci version is narrower on one end, and tilted upwards. This hard-cased kidney Bean clutch is available for £736.53 via Net-a-Porter.