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Bling For Your Camera

We all know that the standard cases that come with our cameras are tres boring. No matter what brand your camera is, it's either a zip-around case or a case with a velcro flap. This is precisely the reason why most girls (and ladies) have taken to bedazzling their cameras and other what-have-yous, covering them with rhinestones and crystals. Today, bedazzling your gadgets are no longer cool.

To bling up your camera without the risk of it looking tacky, Givenchy has come up with this crystallised leather camera case. It may still be a zip-around case, but hey, it beats your standard camera case with "Sony", "Canon", or whatever your camera's brand may be, written on the case. This Givenchy camera case also has a crystallised strap, so that you can wear it around your wrist. Look chic even when you're carrying a camera. I'd rate this as Oscar-worthy. However, the downside is that it doesn't come cheap. With all the crystals, this baby retails as much as an exotic bag -- a whopping $3,620 via Barneys.