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Bargain of the Week!

I am a HUGE fan of Animal Prints, particularly leopard, cheetah and zebra, so you can imagine how delighted I was when I stumbled upon these Cheetah print cosmetic cases by Tory Burch (available in both colours shown above). True, it might be a tad too small to take with you when travelling, but it's perfect for your tote. We all know that we sometimes have the tendency to scare ourselves when we "lose" things in our bags. God knows, I've experienced those "Oh No!" moments one too many times, especially when it involved keys or parking tickets. Just the other day, I was out with a gal pal of mine and she too, thought she lost something quite significant, only to turn her bag upside down and find it nestled in the folds of her bag's interior lining ... which is why I've now become a fan of pouches so that it's easier to find stuff. Plus, when you're changing bags to suit your outfit of the day (yes, I do it, and I know that you do it too!), with everything in their respective pouches and cases, you definitely won't leave anything in the other bag. AND, the contents of your bag will instantly be organised without having to look like you're lugging the City Dump around with you.

Get these Tory Burch Cosmetic Bags for just $55, via ShopBop