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Labels , , , , , Presenting: Bottega Veneta S/S 2010

Presenting: Bottega Veneta S/S 2010

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The Verdict: The first few photos above from Bottega Veneta's S/S 2010 collection seems seems as if we are being given more of the same bags that are already part of BV's classic collection (albeit in different colour combos). However, Top Handle bags in bright croc skins are a new addition to the BV family.

Although I ADORE the new bright colours, the bi-toned bags with the ends sticking out (which is possibly intentional, so as to inject the bags with a more youthful feel and perhaps appeal to the younger twenty-somethings market), its fringe-like state is downright distasteful, well, for me anyway. *shrugs* Quite honestly, the bags look unfinished. I remember during an Arts & Crafts lesson in school, we had to tuck the ends in (when we were making woven paper hearts). It was only when we hadn't completed our weaving that the ends were allowed to stick out in this manner. I'm pretty sure that if one were to pass this BV bag to a child (or even an adult) with itchy fingers, all he/she has to do is just pick at one of the ends of the weave to loosen it, and you can pretty much unravel the whole bag. Or imagine a scenario when one's bag gets caught on a hook/nail or anything along those lines .... tug at it the wrong way and you'd have unravelled your own bag. Talk about impractical.